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A Little About Pacific Batteries

We have been serving the Lower Mainland area with new and reconditioned car, truck and marine batteries for more than 10 years, providing service to residential and commercial customers. 

When we began our quest to provide better car, truck and marine batteries at a better cost in 2010, we were primarily a mobile business. In 2016, we opened our first location in Maple Ridge, and then we opened our second location in 2020 in Surrey. We know the cost of maintaining vehicles can be expensive and that quality, well-maintained battery is important to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

At Pacific Batteries, we brought low cost and efficiency together in one battery! We take newer used batteries, and they are put through a reconditioned test, a hydrometer chemistry test, and a cranking performance test to determine if they meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. 

If they pass all three tests convincingly, we give them our warranty and make them available to purchase. We do not approve any battery that doesn’t meet or exceed each one of these tests.

If you prefer a new battery, we have very good brands we have tested ourselves. Just give us a call or come down with the information on what you need, and our friendly technicians will be happy to serve you. 

new and reconditioned batteries

What battery is right for ME?

Do you have a burning question and are just plain stumped at what brand or type of battery to purchase? We have listened to you and have answered the most common questions from our customers.

Do you do battery testing?

Visit us at either our Surrey or Maple Ridge location any time with no appointment necessary, and have your battery tested and analyzed for free. We’ll tell you if your battery needs replacing or if we can help save you some hard earned money.

man with nissan car hood up testing the battery

Can you recover my old discharged battery?

Yes, we do offer recondition charging for customers’ lead acid batteries for a fee between $10 to $30 per battery (depending on size and application). If the attempt to recover your old battery fails, we will waive the Reconditioning fee if you replace your battery with us.

  • It must pass a visual condition test (no cracks, leaks or bulging)
  • It must be 3 years of age or newer

Don’t worry, if you don’t know the age of your battery, we can tell you by checking the stamp or engraving located on your battery.

Earn cash for your old battery

We pay cash for any lead-acid scrap batteries including steel case forklift batteries. The price is always changing, as the value of the old batteries is in the lead which fluctuates much like gold, silver etc. One or two car batteries in your garage are worth $8 to $10 each depending on the lead market price and current world demand on lead as a commodity, price can increase on volume and we offer Dangerous Goods Certified pick-ups with wholesale pricing available. 

We also offer free recycling (household amounts) of alkaline and rechargeable batteries such as laptops or cell phones.