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Alarm, UPS, and Kids Ride-On Car Batteries

Keep Your Home And Business Powered Up And Secure​

  • Battery capacity verified
  • All batteries put through diagnostics & testing​
  • Take the guess work out of choosing your alarm battery

Be it an alarm battery, a UPS battery, a computer backup battery, an electric gate battery or emergency lighting batteries, we have them all.

Most alarm batteries last a long time and are not expensive. Their job is to keep your alarm system active when the power goes out. This is the same for UPS/Computer back up batteries and you don’t want your critical data lost overusing the wrong battery, or paying way too much for the battery.

These types of batteries are called SLA (sealed lead acid) and they are spillproof and have a long shelf life. They can last you for years and years simply being charged up by the device they are in automatically. They come in 12 volt, 6 volt, and a lot of different sizes and configurations.

Here at Pacific Batteries Surrey and Maple Ridge, we can tell you what type you need and why. We can also guide you through the easy process of how to install them. If you aren’t sure if the battery is the problem, bring it in and we can test its true remaining capacity on an actual capacity tester—completely free of charge.

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Don’t Let The Fun Stop With Your Children’s Toys​

  • Find a proper fitting battery
  • Battery capacity verified
  • All batteries put through diagnostics & testing

We carry the batteries that your toy car (etc.) needs. From the Fisher Price complete battery assembly to just the batteries themselves for the other models, we have exactly what you need.

Battery powered toys tend to be hard on batteries. For the kids to have fun the batteries need to be as good as new for duration, speed, and distance. Each manufacturer seems to use a different battery and size and some put more than one in them.

It isn’t always easy to find these batteries, but if you bring your old one in we can match it up to a likely better than original quality battery. If you aren’t sure if it is the battery that is the problem, bring the whole thing in and we will check it out and test the battery with you.

From razor scooter batteries, to the no name ones, to the Fisher Price complete assemblies, to pretty much all of the battery powered toys out there, we are likely to have the battery you need.

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