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New and Reconditioned Batteries for Cars and Trucks

It’s Very Important To Have The Correct Battery For Your Vehicle

  • All batteries are put through complete diagnostics and testing
  • The CCA rating is verified on every battery
  • We use a carbon pile heavy duty professional load tester

“I popped in because my car battery wouldn’t hold a charge anymore. In about 10 minutes or so they had a refurbished battery installed in my car and it came out to just over $80 for the battery, installation, and tax. Hard to beat that price and speed of service. And the guy that helped me was very nice and personable as well. The place is a bit hard to find and tucked away, but suffice to say you’ll be well-served if you do come here!”

-Ryan Vandendyck

It matters what battery goes in your car. They are not all the same.

We put all of the brand new batteries from all the manufacture’s through complete diagnostics and testing to verify that their rating systems hold up in the real world. Our reconditioned batteries are also put through the same rigorous testing to give options for every budget.

The most common way of testing a car battery is called a load test. This test checks to see if the battery can deliver the current required to the starter motor on the car for the car to start up. The battery has to be able to deliver that performance in cold weather as well as hot weather.

Temperature has a big effect on battery performance. By using a carbon pile heavy-duty professional load tester, here at Pacific Batteries Maple Ridge and Surrey, we are able to verify the CCA rating of the battery is up to its advertised performance.

CCA stands for cold cranking amps and is a standardized rating system used throughout the battery industry. There is also CA rating that stands for cranking amps but this is not the rating you want to look at. The CA rating involves testing a battery at a warmer temperature that allows the battery to pass the test easier. See our blog for a full explanation of the difference between CCA and CA.

Today’s vehicles have power management systems that are much more complex than yesterday’s basic alternator charging systems. There can be a wide array of computers, modules, relays, and other electronic controllers making sure the vehicle’s accessories have the right amount of power at the right time. Having a quality battery of the right type, size, and rating is critical in these vehicles.

Battery testing here at Pacific Batteries is always friendly and free, as well as giving you the pros and cons of your situation for you to make the best choice for you.

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