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Commercial and Industrial Batteries

Large Truck Batteries Are WorkHorses

  • Heavy duty batteries and lighter duty batteries at great prices
  • Reconditioned batteries
  • CCA Approved

From semi truck batteries to diesel truck batteries and compact truck batteries to SUV batteries, Pacific Batteries in Maple Ridge and in Surrey, have the right battery for you.

Truck batteries are workhorses and are needed to supply the power your rig demands. Putting light duty batteries in a semi truck almost always ends in early failure, they simply don’t hold up to the demand.

Diesel trucks especially require a lot of battery power and it does matter what batteries you use. Even a typical SUV requires the right battery to keep up with all the accessories and loads today’s vehicles place on them.

Some bigger trucks require starting batteries as well as deep cycle batteries. They can be 6 volts, 12 volts, and can be wired to make them 24 volts. Whatever the case is on your truck, we have the right batteries for the right usage.

Power tailgate batteries, pallet jack batteries, starting batteries, deep cycle batteries, even the battery for your break-away box, Pacific Batteries has them all. We always carry heavy duty batteries and lighter duty batteries at great prices to make sure you stay on the road. Knowing the true CCA rating is critical and here at Pacific Batteries we take pride in offering you high cranking truck batteries at great prices to keep you going. Choose between brand new batteries or reconditioned batteries, and keep your fleet rolling for less.

Some call them reconditioned batteries, some call them refurbished batteries, some call them used batteries, and some call them previously owned batteries. We call them reconditioned batteries because they are, and we ensure they hold up to our stringent testing procedures. Ask us how we do this and get great reconditioned batteries for your budget needs.

Give us a call or drop by to learn what options you have.

Heavy Equipment Backhoes

Equipment Batteries

  • Loader & Excavator Batteries
  • Choose New or Reconditioned
  • AGM Batteries

From loader batteries to excavator batteries to backhoe batteries and more, you need the right battery to keep your equipment running.

Some of this equipment needs some pretty big batteries, and some of them don’t. A lot of times in the rating systems the battery can seem like a good price, only to discover that the battery does not hold up over time. It doesn’t always make sense that a cheap battery will do the job, yet at the same time a carefully chosen battery at a good price can work out just great.

Keeping that cab heater on, and the lights going, and multiple starts and stops in cold weather can tax an inferior battery. Knowing the right battery for the job means having everything go smoothly, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Our reconditioned batteries have been known to outlast brand new much more expensive equipment batteries.

Even lawn tractors can need different strength batteries, and with our decades of experience, we can take the frustration of dead batteries out of your life.

At Pacific Batteries you have the choice of brand new or reconditioned, with all of them being fully tested to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

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