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It’s Important To Have The Correct Battery For Your Wheelchair Or Scooter

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Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs take true deep cycle batteries. They need to hold up to a lot of usage and we know which ones work best. Pride Mobility, Shop Rider, Drive Medical, Merits, E-Wheels, and so on, there are a lot of brands of mobility scooters and they all have an assortment of different battery sizes.

The same goes for scooters. Armada, GIO, Daymak, and so on, it doesn’t matter who makes the scooter, they all need the right deep cycle scooter batteries in them.

All of their batteries are rated in amp hours and it translates to how far you can go on a single charge, and how fast. Sometimes you need an exact fit, and sometimes you can put bigger ones in for more range. Whatever size the mobility scooter takes, we can tell you what the appropriate batteries are, and even install them for you.

How the batteries are charged is crucial to the life of the battery. You don’t want to just let the mobility scooter sit for months without charging, and in an ideal world you charge them up when they are about 50% drained down. It’s usually ok to just leave them on the charger when not in use for longer periods, but on the off chance the charger’s automatic shut off fails, this will destroy the batteries.

This is why we recommend charging them overnight until they are full, then unplugging the charger from the wall for a month when you aren’t going to be using it, and then plug it back in for another overnight, and continue this every month when it is just being stored.

All batteries, no matter who makes them, discharge on their own every month. This is why you want to do a regular year round charging system to keep your batteries healthy and you mobile.

If you aren’t sure if the problem is your batteries, bring them down and we will test them for you at Pacific Batteries Surrey and Maple Ridge.

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