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Some compact motorcycle and ATV batteries can be very powerful and having the right one and taking care of it properly means the difference between having to buy one each year or one that lasts for years.

Most motorcycle batteries are AGM batteries. This stands for Absorbed Glass Mat and it means the battery has no liquid sloshing around inside it. They are built to handle the vibration, as well as being able to be mounted on their side if need be. There is a range of qualities to choose from and some bikes need the higher-end ones, and some are ok with the basic version.

An old 6-volt kick start Honda mini bike doesn’t need much of a battery, where a full load big Harley does. It also matters how old the bike is, over time as all the electrical wears, having a higher cranking battery than the factory original can mean the difference on the bike starting or not.

Lithium batteries for motorcycles are also available and we can tell you the pros and cons of making these your choice.

Pacific Batteries in Surrey and Maple Ridge have dirt bike batteries, Harley batteries, Honda batteries, Yamaha batteries, Kawasaki batteries, BMW batteries, Ducati batteries, and pretty much every type of 12V motorbike battery for every brand of motorcycle there is, at prices for every budget.

The same is true for quad batteries, ATV batteries, and electric scooter batteries. Your Polaris Sportsman will need a stronger battery than an offshore quad and we can help you get the right size for the right price and give you tips to make them last.

For you scooter riders, scooters need true deep cycle batteries, not just general-purpose ones. They need to be able to withstand the demands of the electric motor and hold up to repeated charging and use. Don’t be fooled by the general-purpose batteries, they simply don’t have the power or longevity for scooter use.

We can steer you in the right direction including how to wire them, or even install them for you.

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Scooter Batteries

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Scooters usually come with 4, 5, or 6 batteries in them. We can tell you how many batteries they have in them and what choices are available to get you going again.

Batteries generally have an amp hour rating on them. What isn’t well known is that two different scooter batteries with the same amp-hour rating, are definitely not the same strength. This is because some are considered general use, and are expected to have a light amp load on them, like say a big flashlight. The ones the scooters need have the same rating, but the construction of them is much sturdier, and they can take the high amp demand the scooter puts on them.

They also have a big difference in cycles. A cycle is how many times you can use them before they are junk. The general purpose ones might last 50 times, and the distance the scooter will go each time is much less. The scooter-specific ones have more like 300-500 uses and can take the demand from the throttle to power up those hills or across town.

Don’t be fooled by a cheap knock-off general purpose battery for your scooter, it never ends well. You can get a proper battery for your scooter here, at a not much more price. We have a lot of knowledge on how to care for them and your scooter, for you to get maximum life and value out of your batteries.

Not sure if your batteries are the problem? Just bring them down for a free test. Not sure how to take them out and put them back in your scooter? Just bring in the whole scooter and we will do it for you. Have the type of scooters where the batteries come out in a case or two cases? Just bring them,  if you do need new ones we can wire them upright and install them for you.

Quad batteries

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Nobody wants to be stuck in the bush or in the middle of a job, and having a battery with a short life span is no fun. Getting the appropriate battery at a good price prevents these sorts of things from happening.

If you have a small quad and just use it for fun, a basic battery is no problem at all to use, just make sure you keep the battery on a maintainer in the off-season or if you don’t ride it each month. Quad batteries don’t like just sitting around hooked up or not, and can weaken them causing a shorter life span.

If you have a Polaris or Brute Force quad, especially with a winch, a heavy-duty quad battery is needed to keep up with the load. We search out the best possible batteries and test them out in real-world conditions to make sure you get what you are paying for. As a proudly Canadian-owned and operated company, we take pride in offering low prices on all our ATV batteries, from light duty to heavy duty to extra heavy duty.

Don’t let an inferior battery ruin your off-road fun, talk to us about your options and don’t be surprised when you get a superior battery at a much lower price here at Pacific Batteries.

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