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Solar is great way to extend your time out camping when you can’t plug in. You can mount solar panels on the roof of your RV or van, or use portable kits that fold up into a little suitcase that you can tuck away when you are done.

The general idea is to plug in and fully charge your batteries before you head out, then use your solar panels to charge your batteries as you use them. Depending in the sun and your usage, you can go a long time like this.

Solar does need sun to work, and in the summer months the panels will put out their full rating, In dismal weather they will still put out a little bit, but not enough to sustain you for very long. We can show you how to figure out your amp draw, (usage from the batteries per 24 hours) and tell you how long your battery or batteries will last based on their size and rating.

Solar panels need what are called charge controllers to regulate the voltage from the sun to the battery. There are two main types and we explain the pro’s and con’s of these for your particular set up. There is a large variety of factors to consider from wire thickness, to fuses, to voltage, to which batteries are being used. We can make this easy to understand for you to make the best choice for your solar products from van life to full off grid cabins. 

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